Remembering Singapore’s Founding Father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Entire site grayscaled as a mark of respect during the period of National Mourning, Mon 23 Mar – Sun 29 Mar 2015. Where words fail, let actions speak. The living must live on, his legacy to complete. 话尽行动明,生者伟业续。 Deepest condolences to PM Lee Hsien Loong, his family and to our nation, Singapore.

Happy National Day – A Letter To Computer Science Students

Dear fellow Comp Sci students (past, present, future), Tomorrow, on 9th August 2014, our nation will be celebrating its 49th birthday. As we mark another milestone in Singapore’s short but illustrious nation building, let us take a step back from our daily programming and debugging, to look at how we fit in the big picture, …